Spray Tanning

Hello to all of my clients! I want your experience with us to be as flawless as your spray tan application. Here is an overview of prepping the skin. Please note that in order for your spray to look the best you are required to exfoliate with a loofa/mitt 3 days prior to the appointment.
If you feel that you haven’t exfoliated enough, please ask to reschedule our appointment. Dry skin are like magnets to spray tan and will only absorb more in the dryer areas, this will look uneven as the final result.
All you need is a hand mitt to exfoliate with any oil free soap. On the day before our appointment please shower and exfoliate once more but don’t apply moisturizer.
Have no makeup, deodorants, moisturizers ( nothing ) before our appointment .
Once the spray tan is on you, feel free to wear light loose clothing for 4-8 hours and wash off. This will not stain any clothing, just wash any fabric that has the tan on it when you have a shower and wash off the application. You will be left with a natural tan for 5 – 10 days. Before the appointment make sure you have nothing on the skin. I will require a well lit room and ventilation.I show up 15 min early to set up my equipment to be ready for you. Please let me know if you would like me to stop by and do a patch test to see if you want to see the color before our appointment. If you have any questions please reach me at 604-791-3979

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